Zoom Kobe 5 (V) Chaos Edition

Zoom Kobe 5 (V) Chaos Edition

Zoom Kobe 5 (V) Chaos Edition

The Kobe 5 Chaos: Shoes for Both the Court and the Club

Your feet will be bursting with cool colors when you wear the Zoom Kobe 5 – Chaos Edition. The Chaos edition is a variant of the Zoom Kobe 5 that was released on December 26, 2009. This is part of the signature line of the Black Mamba that’s great not only for a round of hoops, but also for going and out and partying.

The Zoom Kobe 5 – Chaos Edition is a great pair for both athletic and leisurely activities. The shoe is designed with a low-cut ankle, which is a signature feature of Kobe los angeles dodgers sweatshirt . This shoe is the first release of Nike for the Zoom Kobe line after Bryant and his team won the 2009 NBA Championships, and the celebration is evident in the aesthetic of the los angeles dodgers sweatshirt .

The los angeles dodgers sweatshirt are designed with a mix of different colors inspired by an electric-metallic palette. The base color of the exterior is basic white, with patches of metallic chameleon. The midsoles are also white, but speckled with bright red-orange highlights. The shoelaces are of a deep dark plum color, also hinted with bright red-orange speckles. The sole of the los angeles dodgers sweatshirt is predominantly lime green. Of course, as always, it bears Nike’s signature checkmark or the Swoosh (in lime green as well) and the signature Kobe logo in both the heel and the tongue of the los angeles dodgers sweatshirt .

The Zoom Kobe 5 – Chaos Edition is very lightweight, so it’s great for both sports and practical use. Male celebrities like Kanye West have made this pair part of their impressive and fashionable shoe collections. The Kobe 5 Chaos is a guaranteed head-turner. Inspired by Kobe and worn by Kanyeâ”EUR why wouldn’t you want it?

write by Howard Malan

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