Win Her Back and Spark the Romance - Set Your Time Machine

Win Her Back and Spark the Romance – Set Your Time Machine

Win Her Back and Spark the Romance - Set Your Time Machine

Ok, so she broke up with you or maybe you are still together but the spark has fizzled? Relationships have different stages and one of these stages is getting in a routine and getting comfortable in that routine and this can result in boredom. Can you relate? Relationships can definitely end because of boredom if something isn’t done about it. Women like romance (at least every woman I know does) so win her back and spark the romance… by going back in time. Here’s how:

1. Personality. Think about when you two first met. Who were you back then? Were you someone with a sense of humor? Were you a confident person? What about your personality attracted her to you? Think about how you were towards her as opposed to how you treat her now. Is there a difference? Sure, when we first meet someone, we are on our best behavior treating them like gold and with the highest respect. Why does that have to end? Like I’m always telling my kids, “Treat people how you want to be treated”. Also, think about how you felt about each other back then. Think about how you couldn’t go a day without talking to or seeing each other. Think about how you thought about each other all the time when you weren’t with each other. Think about the attraction towards each other. The passion. The spark. Can you go back to any of that?

2. Physical. When you first met, what did you look like physically? Were you a few pounds lighter maybe? Did you put more effort into how you dressed? What you did with your hair? Did you try harder with your appearance by working out in some way (ie. playing sports, hitting the gym, etc.) or eating a healthier diet? Have you let yourself go? Also, what did she look like physically? Has her appearance changed in a way that you may not like so much, or that might “turn you off”? Did that make you treat her any differently? Maybe in a more negative way? You may need to accept her physically, as she may not be willing to change and she may be offended if you ask her to, especially at this fragile time when you are trying to get her back. To win her back, you may want to make some physical changes. Maybe she has mentioned a certain hairstyle that she favors on you or even a certain dallas cowboys 3d deer hunting t shirt she likes to see you in that you never wear, or something along those lines. Make the effort to look desirable to her.

3. Re-Create. Think back to your first date with her. OK now, re-create that! Ok, so let’s say parts of the first date were bad? Maybe leave those parts out but do re-create the good things about it. Be romantic too, do the gentlemanly things that women love, that’ll go a long way to win her back and spark the romance too of course. Some examples are the old-fashioned things like holding the door open for her, if you’re going to a restaurant, pull her chair out for her (not too far out though, yikes!), opening her car door for her, etc. Or be creative and think of other romantic ideas to do for her. Trust me though, she’ll appreciate any romantic gestures, even the little things. Oh and make sure to compliment her on how she looks, women love to hear that and she’ll especially be appreciative of that if you tended to lack in giving her compliments in your relationship before. An alternative to re-creating your first date is simple. Just think of things she enjoys. What type of food is her favorite? Or maybe there’s a restaurant or type of food she’s always wanted to try but hasn’t? Her favorite types of movies? Does she have any favorite types of activities that you can go do together on your date? Get the idea? Perfect!

As you see, all of these ideas to win her back and spark the romance again go back to the beginning of your relationship together, a.k.a. the “honeymoon stage”. Why go back there again? Because that was the time where things were probably really exciting, happy and you also really put the effort into the relationship, right? For a relationship to be successful, we will always have to put effort into it and add a little spice to that as well!

write by sanchez

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