What Kinds of Hot Fix Crystals Are There?

What Kinds of Hot Fix Crystals Are There?

What Kinds of Hot Fix Crystals Are There?

Glitz and glamour at the palm of your hands, hot fix crystals are basically rhinestones that can be attached to fabric with heated glue. Sparkly rhinestones have gone a long way, from the river banks to the arts and crafts table of your work room. You have seen rhinestones in the costumes of dancers, figure skaters, theater artists and many others. However, beyond costuming, a well-practiced hand on designing and personalizing clothes and items will enjoy the versatility of hot fix crystals.

Hot fix crystals are actually more secure than gluing flat-backed rhinestones, which do not easily adhere to the fabric. The materials used for this kind of accessory are plastic or glass. You may also find Swarovski crystals, the more popular type of rhinestone used. Swarovski is well-loved for its variety of colors and undeniable sparkle.

This kind of accent crystal has an adhesive that is factory-applied on their shiny flat backs. With the use of an applicator wand, it properly bonds to the surface of a material and becomes a permanent fixture. Talk about stand out ensemble and accessories, rhinestones can easily make your shirt, purse or gown look more stylish and expensive than it really is.

The variety of the crystals is basically dictated by the cut and shape of used. For instance, there is the rose cut, cabochon oval, drop flat back, baguette flat back, triangle flat back, cabochon round, navette flat back, square flat back, rectangle flat back and the marguerite flat back. The crystal also comes in a variety of stone size (ss) which are universal so choosing and looking for the kind of crystal you want in a catalog will be easy. The most popular crystal size is 16ss and 20ss though it can go from tiny 1.7-1.9mm to 48mm.

In addition to shape and size, there are also a wide assortment of colors of hot fix crystals. Clear rhinestones that resemble a diamante are the most favorite color of this sparkler. Original gem-like colors include transparent peridot or lime green, amethyst or blue, sapphire or royal blue, emerald green and ruby red. Lighter colors are basically paler versions of the original colors of hot fix crystals.

The beauty and color of the crystal is dependent on the light that strikes it. Its prismatic effect makes it unique. To give you that effect, hot fix crystals are made available in a variety of colors that are coated with special materials that refract light. This way, it reflects a unique prism of color, much like the effect of a rainbow. When some crystals are given only one crystal color, some are designed to reflect two or more colors depending on how the light hits them. Glass hot fix crystals usually achieve this effect.

Hot fix crystals are simply sealed rhinestones. Today, they are growing in popularity and more and more people are discovering how they make t- houston astros philadelphia phillies dallas cowboys hawaiian shirt and costume designs easy. In addition to apparel, these accents are now used as crystal charms decorating hats, cell phone cases and iPod covers. Unleash the inner artist in you and start decorating some items with these fine sparklers.

write by Maximilian

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