Trendy Pom-Poms Add Flair to Your Performance

Trendy Pom-Poms Add Flair to Your Performance

Trendy Pom-Poms Add Flair to Your Performance

Cheerleading products include uniforms, chicago bears hawaiian shirt, socks, hair bands and not to forget the most important one – pom-poms. These extensions, available in various sizes, are used for tossing and turning which make the whole cheerleading performance stand out.It is originally known as pom pons are a decorative ball of fluff widely used in cheerleading across the globe. It may come in many colors, designs, sizes and are made from a wide array of materials, including cotton, fabric, paper and wool, plastic or occasionally feathers.

Pom-pom Style

Pom-poms are available in various styles including glitter, plastic, metallic, wet look, narrow and holographic, each providing a vibrant look. Different pom strand finishes create a distinctive look and highlight the colors and various materials of the poms. Plastic strands have a matte finish that reflects a little shine. The wet looking poms are highly shiny to make them appear as if they are wet, metallic strands are also fabricated with a satiny shine look which creates an enchanting ambiance. As the name suggests glitter strands add a shiny appeal to it.

pom-pom Size

Its size refers to the length of the streamer strands as opposed to the whole prop including the handle. While choosing it, the important things to consider are the desired effects, how will they be used and who will be using them. The younger cheerleaders should be sporting smaller pom-poms, which should be chosen according to their height.Their standard sizes are 4″, 6″, 8″, and 10″, among those the most commonly used size is a 6″ which is considered perfect for cheering mostly in schools. This size is light in weight and fairly visible from a distance, which makes it the ideal choice for school cheerleading.

Pom Colors

You can choose from an array of colors that suit the style of your team. You might as well match the colors in your uniform so the poms look outstanding. You may also want to consider how you want the poms to stand out or how they will work in your routine or cheers. Traditional pom-poms that have only one color are the basic ones, which can be either contrasted or matched with your cheerleading outfit. These look amazing and are available in pretty much every color and you can add a great splash of color when using two coordinating or contrasting colors. You can bring out your creativity with those that contain more than two colors. They look incredible especially when they have some glitter strands incorporated with the others.

pom-pom Handle

Standard, baton, block and hidden are four main handle styles for pom-poms. The standard handle is quite visible while being used as it is large in size making it perfect for the 6” size pom-pom. This handle has a 2” to 3” plastic tube in the middle, which is surrounded by a plastic loop. Baton handle is the most commonly used handle and works with pom-poms of any size. This handle has strands coming out of both ends of the single tube, which is 3″ to 4″ in length. Block handle is much heavier than other style handles but has a great grip. It contains a block with a plastic loop on top of it which makes it ideal for pom-poms of size 8” and 10”. Hidden handles have a small dowel handle with a large loop of elastic on the top, which affects its visibility while in use.

If you are looking for stock or custom made cheerleading supplies, you can look up the Internet and find companies which provide cheerleading pom-poms at the best prices.

write by Briston Blair

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