Tips For Buying Dog Training Crates

Tips For Buying Dog Training Crates

Tips For Buying Dog Training Crates

With all the many types and styles on the market today, it might help to have some tips for buying a dog training crate. Picking the right dog training crate is important to your overall training program. You need to consider a dog crate as a long term investment.

The right crate will give your dog a sense of security. Their own little comfort zone that could even go with them if they need to travel with you. Adding in a favorite toy or los angeles dodgers shirt should help your dog be much less stressed out.

First off, the crate needs to be large enough so that your dog can comfortably turn around standing up. As well as be able to allow him to lay down and stretch out. You don’t want to get one much larger because of two reasons. The first is that too much room may let your dog have enough space to go potty inside the crate. That would definitely be detrimental to housebreaking. The second reason is that if you need to go somewhere, it may not fit in your vehicle.

On the other hand, if you buy the training crate when your dog is young, you need to remember that he will grow. So some thought needs to go towards that end as well. Fortunately you can add a divider to the crate to reduce the space until your dog fills it.

Metal crates are probably the sturdiest, but also the heaviest. Something to think on if you plan on carrying it. Cleaning should be easy if an accident occurs since the bottom is wide open. You may want to consider a plastic pan for putting underneath it.

Plastic ones will of course be lighter, but also more likely to break or crack. Clean up gets a bit harder as the bottom is usually solid on plastic crates. An absorbent material on the bottom should help. Just make sure that if your dog chews it won’t hurt him.

Soft sided crates are the lightest and the most likely to suffer damage or possibly be chewed or clawed through if your dog chews or digs. Clean up will most likely be the toughest.

Pricing depends on what type you want, whether it is plastic, metal wire or a soft fabric. They range in price from under $50 dollars to well over $125 dollars. There are quite a few options and add ons that you might consider as well. Things like cooling fans, food and water dishes that clip on, sleeping pads, dividers and even wheels to roll the crate around on. All the little comforts of home to make your dog happy.

When it comes to buying a dog training crate, you need to consider several things. Hopefully I have provided you some guidance with these thoughts.

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