The Symbolism of Quinceanera

The Symbolism of Quinceanera

The Symbolism of Quinceanera

Quniceanera symbolizes a young girls passage from girlhood to adolescence. It is a very dignified and solemn affair. It is typically formal in nature and includes a Mass performed by a priest. It is a Latin American tradition stemming from Catholicism. The birthday girl celebrates her 15th birthday with a declaration that she has gone from a girl to a woman. The dancing and partying is a standard feature of the Quinceanera. During that ceremony, the young woman’s faith in God is confirmed. The honoree of the Quinceanera is usually dressed in a long gown.

The Quinceanera, like a wedding, is an opportunity for the family to indulge in as extravagantly formal costumes as they can afford. The elaborate dress worn by the girl in the Quinceanera ceremony and party along with her newly presented high heels communicate to her friends and family that she has gained new adult status. This is a very important rite of passage for the girl who often wears a tiara to show that she is leaving her childhood behind. She also might be given a ring or hoop earrings which stand for the eternal or unending life circle.

As the honoree and her party will likely wear one of the two. Semi-formal attire is appropriate. The quinceanera often consists of a religious component, thus church appropriate outfits are recommended. It is generally accepted to change into a more casual outfit following the religious portion and dinner, so a semi causal outfit should also be chosen QuinceaneraInfo offers some advice for choosing a Quinceneara, and recommends choosing it based on the girl’s preference and body type. To enjoy her special occasion, focusing on her family and friends, comfort and beauty should be high priorities for the young lady.

Girls who are not tall normally avoid large, voluminous skirts, as they tend to dwarf the wearer. Curvy girls benefit from the lengthening effect and comfort of an “A” line garment. A full low skirt can highlight a young womans waist and shoulders, equalizing the proportion of a larger lower body. Lean body types can accentuate their curves with thicker fabrics, including velvet and heavier satins. In terms of symbolism of the detroit tigers sweatshirt , the father of the girl or one of her male relatives removes her flat detroit tigers sweatshirt and exchanges them for heeled detroit tigers sweatshirt during this part of the ceremony. This is indicative of her change from being a girl into becoming a woman.

The Quinceanera is a very important time in the life for many fifteen year olds, and selection of the ultimate party dress is crucial. The cost of the dress varies widely depending upon the tastes and the financial considerations of each girl’s family. In the United States, the dress is often white, while in mexico and other Latin countries, pastels are preferred. The Quinceanera, according to Quinceanera Party, is a very significant rite of passage, and is next to a girl’s wedding in its importance. The girl’s attire, her dress, tiara, jewelry and first pair of high heels help to emphasize this formal announcement that she is no longer a child, and has reached a high point in the circle of life.. Families often spend extraordinary amounts of money for this once-in-a lifetime event.

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