The Benefits of the Snuggie Fleece Throw Blanket

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Are you tired of having to drag your blanket with you everywhere you go inside your house during cold winter season? And are you sick of having to use thick clothing that is very uncomfortable when you’re just chillin’ at home? Well, the Snuggie Blanket just might be the right “warmer” for you.

This is a comfortable blanket-like cloth that is tailored to be worn by an individual. It may seem funny “wearing a blanket” from the neck down to your feet, but look at the bright side, you don’t need to wear it outside your home where you’re comfortable wearing just anything. Besides, it has several advantages than using your usual blanket to keep yourself warm. These are as follows:

1. It is considerably cheaper in price than your usual comforter.

2. You can walk all around your home wearing it to keep yourself warm constantly.

3. Its arm holes allow you to use your hands without having to expose your whole hand or whole upper body to the cold temperature of your environment. For example, you can use your computer, play board games, and even do your household chores and still keep comfy and warm wearing your Snuggie.

4. Wearing a Snuggie Fleece Throw Blanket is definitely more comfortable than wearing thick clothing and a lot less annoying than having to wrap yourself up in a blanket like a cocoon, and having to unwrap yourself again if you need to do something.

In sum, the Snuggie Blanket is one good buy and the fact that over 4 million of these are already sold testifies to this claim. So why don’t you try one for yourself?


write by Hypatia

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