Stylish Cufflinks

Stylish Cufflinks

Stylish Cufflinks

Cufflinks still come in their classic silver and gold with the occasional precious stone or gemstone. However, today’s fashion dictates a new twist in the form of new construction materials, colors and concepts that bring out the distinct individuality of the man who wears them. They can be made from platinum, rhodium, high-density plastics, wood or all kinds of other interesting and compelling materials. Their designers are growing increasingly more creative with their ideas for making a truly unique statement.

Imagine a titanium cuff link stamped with an initialed crest, or think about how fabulous that cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt would look with high-density plastic links that have a favorite band’s insignia on them. There is no limit to the statement that can be made with cufflinks, from sophisticated and classy to laid-back and casual. One company is even offering cufflinks for the expectant father in the form of cufflinks that have the sonogram image of their soon-to-be son or daughter right on the cuff link itself.

Choosing a cuff link set should be done so with the idea that it will heighten the man’s style and personality. It should be wisely chosen to reflect the theme of his dressing, whether casual or formal, and should make some type of personal statement about who the man is and what his interests are. They should also be an appropriate reflection of the occasion. For example, it would not be wise to wear batman-themed cufflinks to a funeral or to wear diamond-encrusted ones to an event honoring the homeless.

Cufflinks are much more affordable these days than they were in the 1950s and ’60s. Today, because of the new material choices and the ways in which they are manufactured, one can purchase two or three pairs for the price that just one would have cost only a few decades ago. They make excellent gifts for such occasions as graduations, anniversaries or Father’s Day. They also make the perfect gift for the groom who would like to give his best man and other wedding attendants a little something for being there for him on his important day.

As an aside, it should be noted that the cuff link fashion craze is not limited to men. More and more women are wearing them as well. There is no better way to embellish a plain blouse than to add some playfully designed cufflinks is bold colors or glamorous sparkles.

write by Jason Wyman

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