Spring 2006 Must Haves

Spring 2006 Must Haves

Spring 2006 Must Haves

It is amazing how fast the stores liquidate the winter sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ cầu thang) lines. It is a great time of year to shop and get some great deals. The sad part is, if you really need some new winter clothes, you don’t have much time to get them. Hitting all the stores are all the spring lines. You will see plenty of a feminine touch to very artful accessories. I love looking feminine, remember the grunge look or clothes that looked like men’s clothes. Yuk! Lace is very big, applique accents are plentiful, lots of straw handbags are everywhere and last but not least, a big pom pom craze have attached themselves to all accessories. What a mix!

This season is all about lace. I am talking about crocheted cotton lace, the kind your great grandmother wore. Think of the old doilies she used to make. Lace is on everything these days from sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ cầu thang), handbags and the rest of the accessories. You will see handbags made out of it or adorned with it. It is made into lightweight flowy scarves. Bangles are big and covered in lace with matching necklaces and earrings. The necklaces have lace beaded into it, beaded with lacey disk beads or lacey beads themselves. It will not be hard to find a great detroit tigers hawaiian shirt with lace on the top and accessorize it with matching earrings, necklaces, scarves or handbags. Use them tastefully together but don’t go overboard. A little of each goes a long way. Handmade is big in this category so don’t go looking only at stores; keep those art shows in mind for that unique great find.

Accessories are very 3D with applique accents. Artfully done handbags are covered with them. Shear scarves are hot and they will have the applique accents on them as a new twist. It is amazing how jewelry can jump in to any fashion item that is hot and incorporate it into a fabulous piece. I have seen many necklaces where flower appique’s are beaded into them. You will see a crossover with lace here and the two will go so well together. They are very vintage looking and very in.

Handbags, a favorite of mine, are hitting the shelves big time in straw. Straw is always a favorite for the spring and summer but this time you will see some new twists to the old standby. There are many colors and weaves. Some fabulous styles are out there. Look for not only straw, but leather and vinyl weaved into a straw look will be big. Leather and vinal weaves look like straw but are more durable. They are coming in many shapes, sizes and colors. Contrasting handles, trims and applique’s make these a fabulous must have this season. Again, you will see a crossover in this category with the applique’s. Applique’s are covering straw handbags.

Along with the lace this season, you will see crochet accessories with crocheted or fuzzy pom poms. They are all the rage for the season. You will find crocheted or knit handbags covered in pom poms. Handbags will also be accessorized in them. Artful necklaces and scarves are made out of pom poms. Fabric or crocheted belts have pom pom tassels on the ends of them. It is endless pom poms frenzy everywhere! I wouldn’t doubt that there will be plenty of tops with pom poms.

The weather may not be warm enough or the flower’s and tree’s are not budding yet. One thing is for certain, the store’s are just blooming with the great spring lines. Have fun shopping and get your lace, applique’s, straw handbags and pom poms while they are hot!

write by Dominic Kujawa

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