Spiderman Crafts Are Fun And Easy Crafts For Boys And Girls Everywhere

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There are a lot of kids who like Spiderman. Most of the boys like him but there are some girls who do to. It just depends on the kid. This Spiderman craft is one that is fun and easy to do for boys and girls whether they like him or not. Kids will have hours of fun playing with it or just showing it off because they made it.

Here are the materials that you will need to make this fun and easy Spiderman craft.

Template (You can find this online or draw it yourself. The template will come in two parts, the first part is the head and the arms, and template two has the legs and the front of Spiderman’s shirt)

Toilet paper tube




Construction paper

Now the first step is to print out the template of Spiderman, you can either do this on regular paper then have the kids color it or you can print it out on construction paper. How this is done is up to you. Then you or the kids will need to cut out the head, arms, legs and the front of the shirt.

You will then want to glue a large rectangular piece of blue paper onto the toilet paper tube so that the whole tube is covered. Glue the shirt onto the front of the tube and the spider on the back (if the template came with the spider). Next you will want to glue on Spiderman’s head, legs and arms. You can make the legs look like he is standing up or sitting down if you want.

Now each kid will have their very own Spiderman that they can play with. This will give them hours of fun. They can also show off their cool craft to everyone they know and be proud of it because they did it themselves.


write by Lancelot

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