Shrek Halloween Costumes - Hot Picks of 2010

Shrek Halloween Costumes – Hot Picks of 2010

Shrek Halloween Costumes - Hot Picks of 2010

Everyone loves animation movies. From children down to elders, all are being immersed by fantasy these movies have brought. One among the animation series that has captivated the hearts of many was the movie Shrek. Who among of us will forget the undying love story of Shrek and Princess Fiona? From movie, Shrek has also become a popular game which was played by many. And now that Halloween is about to come, Shrek Halloween costumes are being released by many shops throughout the world.

One thing that you shouldn’t miss during Halloween season is the costume party which is going to happen on the 31st day of October. Take note, costume parties are not just for children. Adults can also join this exciting activity. Normally, people dress scary costumes to grab the attention of the crowd. However, in the modern age, scary factor is not enough to achieve the so-called “big hit”. What you need to look for is a simple yet unique costume.

Shrek Halloween costumes are perfect for both kids and adults. Wearing these costumes will surely create a long-lasting memory. And since this is the first year Shrek costumes have been released, getting one is something you are looking forward to. Shrek Halloween costumes are available in different styles, colors, materials and sizes. It always depends on the character you are going to pick.

Shrek Halloween Costumes for Boys

Shrek is the most favoured among costumes available. This includes light brown tunic, black belt, green hand covers and deluxe jumpsuits. However, the Shrek look will not be complete without deluxe mask that signifies the character. Boys will also enjoy the Gingerbread costume. Scare the crowd with this brown creature which is made up of comfortable jumpsuit and high quality polyester foam which is safe and easy to dress in.

Other costumes available for boys:

* Baby Shrek

* Donkey

* Shrek Puss ‘n Boots

* Shrek Dog costume

Shrek Costume for Girls

For girls, Princess Fiona costume is the most popular option. If you love the personality of Princess Fiona in the movie, who ends up falling in love with an ogre, you will also enjoy wearing the costume. This includes a dark-green gown with matching crown and accessories such as bracelets, belts, gloves and necklace.

For the footwear, closed black philadelphia phillies t shirt and boots can be easily paired with this costume. For babies and toddlers, Princes Fiona costume is made up of soft fabric that is the ideal pick. When it comes to safety, you can guarantee this dress is 100% safe and could not bring any harm to your child.

You can also choose from other options including:

* Princess Fiona Romper Infant

* Fiona Warrior

* Sexy Fiona Warrior

* Karate Fiona

* Princess Fiona Deluxe

Shrek costumes can be easily recognized by people in the parties. Make your Halloween unforgettable by wearing Shrek Halloween costumes.

Start shopping your favourite costume at the stores near your place. But if you don’t want to encounter the hassles when shopping, then you can go online. As soon as you pay the chosen product, it will be delivered to you the next day. Don’t wait for the rush. Go ahead and chose among Shrek Halloween costumes. Enjoy this Halloween season!

write by Elmer

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