Should You Choose a Short Or Long Mens Bomber Jacket

Should You Choose a Short Or Long Mens Bomber Jacket

Should You Choose a Short Or Long Mens Bomber Jacket

While the most authentic mens bomber jackets are short, waist high designs, fashion designers do produce long mens bomber jackets that appeal to fashion-conscious men and women. The decision whether to choose a short one or a long one will depend largely on the image you want to portray, and partly on your shape and size.

Generally speaking, longer mens bomber jackets are kinder to the larger figure than the waist high versions that also tend to fit more snugly. The other factor to consider is why you want the jacket. If you are a sporty type, and plan to wear it flying – which is what the original designs were created for – or when riding a motor cycle, then the obvious choice will be a short one. But if you just want to wear good looking clothes, it really becomes a matter of personal choice.

And there certainly is a choice.

While there are numerous mens bomber jackets already on the shelves of both real-time and Internet stores, the Fall/Winter 2010-2011 season’s collection shown in Milan in January 2010 featured many “new” flight jackets styles, mainly short. They included:

• A typical dark brown, short G-1 style from Iceberg, with a fur collar, zippered front, flap pockets and ribbed waist and cuffs,

• A more bikey version in tan-brown from Etro, also with a brown fur collar, zippered front, ribbed waist and cuffs, but with slanted pockets, giving it a different look,

• Another short design from C.P. Company, with a sheepskin collar, as well as

• More short jackets from Montcler Gamme Bleu, Canali, Bottega Veneta, Prada, John Richmond, D&G and more.

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