Sex Games - His Eyes Only: Cleaning Up the Mess

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: Cleaning Up the Mess

Sex Games - His Eyes Only: Cleaning Up the Mess

Studies at the State University of New York show that people who enjoy food usually enjoy sex. It does not matter how much you eat, just how much you enjoy it. Food and sex have always been linked, since Aphrodite was the goddess of both love and crops.

This one starts as a VERY casual dinner date at home. Casual because you begin by eating messy food, and end by messing up your wardrobe.

Think your sweetheart will be intrigued when you tell her to wear jeans and white t- st louis cardinals viking hoodie tonight? Good, let her wonder. The first reason is that your menu includes nothing but finger food – barbecued ribs, fried chicken, corn on the cob, water melon, and whatever else you can think of that makes a complete mess when you eat.

And the other reason is your private little wet t- st louis cardinals viking hoodie contest, starting as soon as supper is over. (The “Wet Look” – another super skin releaser – it makes you tight and shiny. Some people like the real thing with real water – try showering in a clinging cotton shirt; this both feels good and looks sexy)

Begin your cleanup with a big, wet kiss. How delicious! You haven’t lived until you slurped barbecue sauce off of the face of a beautiful woman. Lead her to the bath, which you’ve stocked with piles of towels, beautiful flickering candles, and more wine if you like.

Turn on the shower and adjust the temperature, but before she gets undressed, pull her under the streaming water with you. Smother her giggles with kisses as you tug at her sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ ban công). Pull her st louis cardinals viking hoodie up, but not off; gently bite one nipple through her bra. Unzip her jeans and slowly work them down over her hips, but leave her panties in place.

As you lather her up – a liquid or gel soap works best here – scrub her through her soaked underclothes. The sensation of warm, slippery skin riding up against wet fabric is intensely erotic. As your hand glides over her mons, the rest of her slick, soapy panties will be sliding over her swelling lips and buttocks, caressing her most tender and sensitive flesh.

Let your fingers slip underneath to brush against her nipples or her clitoris, but do not take off any sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ ban công). Massage her through it – or under it, or gently pull it aside as your fingers and face explore her body. Kneel before her; stroke her. The steam, the sensuous spray, the stimulation of your glistening wet fingers will push her right to the edge of orgasm… and beyond.

If you end up on the floor of the shower… or the bathroom… remember those extra towels for comfort. Clothes may come off as the evening progresses, but at the end you should both be at least partially dressed.

The best part about sex in the shower? No cleanup time! Now, if only the dinner dishes could be so easy.

write by Darius

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