See All the Great Food Halloween Costumes

See All the Great Food Halloween Costumes

See All the Great Food Halloween Costumes

It seems that no matter what time of year, day or minute, food permeates every thing that we do in our lives. Perhaps that is why food Halloween Costumes have always been so popular among children and adults alike during the goblin season. Also, not everyone wants to dress up like they are taking part in a Freddy Kruegger movie with dried blood and chainsaws swirling around. A dainty, brightly colored bunch of grapes or a stalk of celery seems, well, a bit less scary as a costume. Don’t you think?

Generally, most food costumes are simple in design and have very few parts which make wearing them a delight. O.K. So there are a couple of foods that have many parts like a bunch of grapes or peas but overall, the costumes are quite simple and soft.

A few of our favorite food Halloween Costumes available for purchase online are quite memorable, fun, high in quality and won’t break the bank. Let’s look at some of the most popular food costumes on this dynamic site.

One of the classic food costumes is, hands down, the banana. The Banana Deluxe Adult Costume features a yellow banana jumpsuit made of a lightweight fabric over foam (so it has flexibility). This costume comes in a one size fits most plus x-large. It has a great suggestion of pairing this costume with a Monkey, Gorilla or Carmen Miranda for a great couples costume! This costume also comes in childs and infant sizes. A family of bananas – how funny!

Now you know when a customer sends in a picture of themselves in a costume, you know it is hit. The Taco Adult costume includes the simulated taco shell, lettuce, cheese and tomato. The costume also comes with a moustache and matching headpiece. Add some black or green tights and shirt, you will be ready to kick it up at the party!

Not being a fan of seafood, I find the Lobster Pot Adult Costume ridiculously funny to the core. This costume includes a lobster headpiece, shirt, pot and claws. Again, the testimonial that went along with this costume is priceless. The person who purchased this costume came with a couple who dressed up as a Chef and the other as Julia Child. Of course, with this ensemble of people, this surely must have been the hit of the party.

Now one costume category I am NOT going to leave out in this category is candy, especially of the chocolate kind. If you want to be a candy bar, the selection for this year is incredible. There is the Snickers Wrapper Adult Costume, the 3 Musketeers Wrapper Adult Costume, The Twix Wrapper Adult Costume and many M&M Adult Costumes. Many of these outfits come in children’s sizes so, no on is left out! Everyone in the family can be a piece of candy and be sweet!

There are so many fun food Halloween Costumes! Just choosing one may make your day just a bit difficult. Enjoy!

write by morgan

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