Pearls and Pearl Jewelry - Only For Rich and Famous, Not Anymore!

Pearls and Pearl Jewelry – Only For Rich and Famous, Not Anymore!

Pearls and Pearl Jewelry - Only For Rich and Famous, Not Anymore!

The pearls were considered to be the prestigious possessions for very rich and wealthy. From ancient Greece to Roman and British Empire wearing pearl jewelry made with natural pearls was a symbol of opulence and superiority among all royals and affluent.

Like any other precious gems and metals, these too were prized collections for both men and women who had always adorned with their royal and rich attires. They eloquently displayed the expensive jewelry on all social and formal celebrations or occasions.

But that era ended at the beginning of 19th Century when Mikmoto of Japan invented his bead-nucleating techniques of culturing pearls and harvested in the deep saltwater of pacific sea. This led to increase in production and the quality standards. Ever since the entire pearl jewelry industry around the world boomed to a great height and pearls became more affordable to one and all.

All pearl jewelry sold now in any part of the world is all designed with cultured pearls and natural ones are rarity now. After Japan, China has emerged the leading producer of all freshwater and akoya pearls. Even many Japanese firms too have large pearl farms in Chinese Delta River Regions for getting their harvest every season. Often they sell them as produced by them in Japanese sea. Japanese pearls are known by the name as akoya pearls. So whether harvested in Chinese water or Japanese sea, they are still the same akoya pearls produced with the same culturing techniques and pricing depends on marketing, presentation and evaluations by the sellers and the buyers.

Until few years back only the jewelry shops through their grand boutiques or on malls had the privilege to sell them to their customers and make profits but the internet has changed everything like any other business from buying airline tickets online to clothes and cincinnati bengals t shirt thus cutting downs on middlemen. There are couples of very good online pearl jewelry stores who have direct access to the pearl farms and buy in bulk at wholesale prices and pass on these savings to online customers for anyone to buy at great affordable prices now.

Browse through all the jewelry collections and buy the pearl jewelry item you like and admire most and it’s a wonderful gift for your loved ones too.

write by Stella

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