Online Dating – Tips For Success

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Online dating seems to be the best alternative today for trying to find that one perfect match. There are too many paid and free internet dating sites to choose from and typically people will join more than one to maximize their exposure. What follows are some tips for your online profile, as well as some horror stories of my own so you don’t feel like you’re the only one have a terrible experience! Just keep in mind, you shouldn’t take online dating too seriously – for every one guy you’ll actually end up meeting in person, you’ll have another 30 duds to sort through.

Keep your profile simple but honest. If you’re a smoker, say you’re a smoker. If you hate chewing tobacco, list it. Why waste either your time if the guy is going to have a habit you find repulsive (or vice versa)?

Don’t go on a religious or political tirade.

Give a glimpse of your personality – playful, serious, life of the party, shy and timid – it will not only give a clearer picture of you but will help others know how to approach you.

Pictures should be no less than six months old! Do not post pictures that are thirty pounds old, show you with an Ex or show yourself in a compromising position. Head shots are a must – the picture of you fifty feet away near the world’s biggest ball of yarn is not a good profile picture. Let them see your beautiful blue eyes and pearly whites.

Don’t go on a tirade about how online dating sucks. If you have an attitude about it, why are you online? Why would anyone want to approach a woman with a chip on her shoulder right off the bat?

Punctuate your sentences. A period, a comma here and there – lovely ways to write a complete sentence. This isn’t a massive text you’re trying to send, it’s a profile, an introduction to you. Allow the reader to pause, ponder and enjoy your “About Me” rather than wonder if you’re an eighth-grade drop-out.

Be active – if a guy sees you haven’t been online for a week, he’s probably not going to email you because he’ll assume you found someone. You, on the other hand, will be angry that you haven’t had any responses. Online dating is a two-way street.

Keep a sense of humor – you really will get at least 20 duds for every decent guy you meet online. Keep your chin up, don’t get discouraged and feel free to make a game of it. I call it “going fishing.” If I happen to catch someone, great! If not – the joy of fishing is you can always throw him back into the lake.

That being said, it is quite an experience sometimes….proof follows: “Sharpedressedman” [mayday – ZZ Top fanatic] – no picture available [FYI to men – no picture means you’re scary looking to a girl doing the online dating thing], lives in Akron. “A few extra pounds” and 39 years old. Interests are “play pool watch nascar wrestling read stephen king books.” [wow – diverse]. Description of a first date: take my lady to a italian restaurant ordr some wine go to the movies and dancin at club afterwards.”

This was copied directly from his profile so this is how he wants the world to see him. His email to me? again, typed verbatim:  “how did u spent ur weekend last week? i seen ur picks of u and wowww thee very beautifull and adoring would like u and i be friends and get to know one another better i have my own place an apartment off of manchester road by youngs restaurant i like it get lobely at times im single lets se what happens with u and i after we chast a long while”   No I did not respond because I wouldn’t even know where to start.

It gets better…… Rick aka shepp88. Rick emailed me on Tuesday and again two days later. First message “Hi your very pretty I would love to get to know you write ask anything. Write me back.”   Now to be honest, I generally don’t check online dating emails daily (I know, I just told you to stay involved but I try to check it every couple of days). On Thursday, he sends this “Hi your beautiful I would love to talk hear more about you just write me if you like and ask anything.” Remember what I said about punctuation?

He’s 39 by the way. He’s not the scariest looking guy I’ve ever seen but not one I would chummy up with at a bar. He’s wearing a Tesla t-shirt (ok, yes, I love the 80’s but rarely do I wear T-shirts advertising big hair bands – by the way, it’s also pristine aka perfectly preserved). He lives in Struthers, Ohio (which the site helpfully informs me is 39 miles away). Average body type, salt and pepper (and feathered by the way) hair, Catholic and is not sure of his politics. REALLY? You don’t know your political persuasion huh?

Ok, let’s keep reading….doesn’t disclose his occupation, he is divorced, does not have nor does he want kids. OK – so let’s see his intro: “hi im 39 yrs old no kids. i am honest ,caring and a good guy who needs a good women .from age 26 to 45. i also love my family very much my parents and brother and sister and her 2 kids.i love music I and metallica is my fav.also motley crue.alice in chains,.i also love movies drama mostly.i love law and order too all of them. I have been hurt in the past but im not giving up.mostly for being to nice.” 

I’m sorry but when reading your profile introduction requires a cipher, I stop right there.


write by Gladys

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