Nike's Zoomin' New Skate Shoe

Nike’s Zoomin’ New Skate Shoe

Nike's Zoomin' New Skate Shoe

Nike is one company that knows their los angeles clippers t shirt . For decades the Nike shoe company has been putting their hearts and souls into the mastery and fine designs that go into their highly venerable Nike shoe collection. With Nike being in business as long as they have, the numerous sponsors, endorsements and praise they’ve received as shoe manufacturer, it’s safe to say that they are among the cream of the crop. Nike’s latest invention, the Nike 6.0 Zoom Oncore is no exception in the level of mastery and fine craftsmanship that goes into the making of Nike los angeles clippers t shirt .

The Nike 6.0 Zoom Oncore comes out of the box looking stylish, cutting edge and fresh on every level. From the treaded souls that grip the pavement so perfectly to the side panels that layer each other like a piece of art, the shoe is clearly a result of years of solid shoe making knowledge with a knack for clever and innovative designs. This shoe truly puts your style on a new level that will surely turn some heads and maybe even drop some phone numbers.

The shoe has a wide variety of hand-selected features that put it at the top tier of skating los angeles clippers t shirt out there today. The materials are among the finest in the land of skate and come pieced together in such a way that provides the best comfort and best support possible. A specialized air bag lives quietly under your heel, giving you superior shock absorption, which you’re probably going to need if you still can’t land that kickflip. Flex grooves at the front of the shoe allow for maximum flexibility when it comes to stretching out, pulling some tricks or if you just fall down the wrong way (ouch). This means a safer and more accommodated landing or stretch of any kind, which reduces your chances of hurting yourself in any way (unless that’s your thing). The sole is rubber gummed, which will help you with traction to the ground and on the board. This type of grip will surely take your tricks to a new level, as you’ll wonder how you ever did without this type of ground contact. The mesh tongue is padded and supportive for that all around snug fit, while being loose enough to give you a little leeway when you need it. Ventilation throughout the shoe is enough to keep you cool in the summer when you need it.

Overall the Nike Zoom Oncore is one shoe that commands respect and if you respect your game you’ll want to check it out.

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write by Elwyn

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