Longing for Long Term? Here's How to Keep a Man Around

Longing for Long Term? Here’s How to Keep a Man Around

Longing for Long Term? Here's How to Keep a Man Around

So you can attract guys, but can you keep them? Do you find yourself wondering why your dating relationships are short-lived? Do you want to improve your attitude and personality and make guys stick around longer? There are a lot of ways to make yourself more of a challenge and keep him around. Finding ways to be a more interesting person isn’t complicated. If you follow these tips, you will have a better chance at keeping a guy interested in you long past that first date!

Be a Little Mysterious

Don’t hand him every detail of your life and personality on a silver platter! Let him learn about you, and make him earn every detail. Men are all about the chase, and if you give up everything about yourself right off the bat, he will lose interest. Let him know a few things to begin, but hold most of it back. Curiosity breeds desire – the more you leave him wondering, the more he’ll want to know!

Learn About What He Loves

Guys love to keep busy. Your man could be interested in sports, wine or a certain video game – find a way to share that with him. If he’s really into his fantasy football league, learn about the players and the game so that you can share his interest. If he’s really into antique cars, do some research so that you can hold a conversation on the topic. You don’t have to become an encyclopedia of his interests, but actively trying to learn about them will not only impress him, it will make him feel interesting himself. You may even discover that you have a shared passion for something!

Never Stop Flirting

One of the primary reasons relationships grow stale is because the people in them get too comfortable. Sometimes it’s good to rehash that first date feeling and get a little flirty. Let him know how good he looks in that new shirt (or even that he’d look better out of it). Come on to him in a place you wouldn’t ordinarily express affection. Send him a quick e-mail to let him know you’re thinking about him while you’re at work. Guys are suckers for a little female attention, and if you give it to him bit by bit he’ll definitely keep coming back for more!

It’s not difficult to keep a guy interested in you as long as you keep being interesting. Make sure you always have something to talk about and keep him entertained. It will work for you.

write by Maximilian

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