Kids Luau Party Planning

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Follow these easy steps to creating a perfect kids’ luau party.

Invitations: Choose colorful, fun invitations that capture the creative and active nature of children. Those invitations containing surfers, sea creatures, or toy such as shovels and pails or beach balls are perfect. Try and search for “Hawaii party invitations” for some exciting ideas. Also, if your child is a Disney fan, consider throwing a Lilo and Stitch themed party, as the movie takes place on the island of Kaua’i, and there are many pictures that can be used on invitations. Look at for unique Lilo and Stitch invitations.

Decorations: Continue with the colorful, fun theme you set with your invitations. If possible, have buckets of sand throughout the party, as well as beach balls. Moon sand can be purchased at stores such as Target or Meijer, and this can be molded into different designs by you or your young guests. Inflatable palm trees, tiki balloons, and treasure chest piatas are also available at Your guests can enjoy playing with these decorations in addition to admiring them.

Food:Finger foods are easy for children to handle and come in small portions. Consider pineapple chunks and pigs in a blanket as some crowd pleasers. You may wish to purchase one large cake, perhaps in the shape of an island or surfboard, or individual cupcakes with luau designs. A simple search for “tropical luau cupcake recipes” will provide you with a number of interesting, fun ideas.

Party favors: Send each of your guests home with a favor they will truly enjoy. For children, delicious treats are sure to please. Consider chocolate favors shaped in the theme such as flip-flips, dolphins and shell. Candy necklaces (think leis) would also be fun. Fun sunglasses or bottles of bubbles are also great options.

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