How to Select Kids Costumes This Halloween

How to Select Kids Costumes This Halloween

How to Select Kids Costumes This Halloween

Halloween is a time when there’s no holding back a child. From tricking to treating, there’s just too much fun to be had. Besides, there’s also the fun of dressing up like someone else and getting into the celebrity cincinnati bengals t shirt of superheroes. It comes as no surprise then that most mothers who shop for kid’s costumes at this time spare no expense to make their children look dramatic, attractive and appealing.

The net abounds with themes for kids costumes. Most parents agree that the internet is their most important source for ideas when it comes to kids costumes. Even those mothers who like to make costumes on their own pick up ideas from the net and reproduce these ideas. Some of the most popular themes include superheroes, cartoon characters and animals. Superheroes of course beat the competition hands down. Kids simply love these themes. So, kids costumes featuring the likes of Clark Kent, spidey, princess, batman and Iron man are picked up quite eagerly by parents even today. Characters from Star Wars are also hot favorites. For girls, there are the much loved Cinderella and Barbie costumes to select.

For younger children, there is a good range of kid’s costumes that look like animals. Dinosaurs and lions top this list. Of course, these trends change with the release of a popular TV show. For example, penguins became quite popular when Happy Feet came to the movies. Today, Harry Potters are to be seen everywhere with many kids taking out the whole class at Hogwarts to the doorsteps of their neighbors.

As parents, all of us want our kids to have the best costumes and have loads of fun, which is why we are open to most of their ideas whether they want to become Batman or The Mask. But, along with keeping the children happy, parents must also exercise some amount of caution and care while selecting costumes for their children. A safe Halloween is the best gift you can give your child.

To ensure that your child is safe as well as happy in his or her costume, you must shop for a costume that fits him or her perfectly. Since kids grow up fast, it is always advisable for parents to buy the correct size or even one size large. Tight costumes can become uncomfortable and may even leave the child with an allergic rash. Since there are many children turning up in body suits impersonating Batman and Spidey, parents have to make sure that the costume their child is wearing is fire retardant. Inflammable material can be really dangerous on a young child.

A good number of boys and girls come in kid’s costumes that contain a mask, a veil or an eye and nose covering. While such costumes look very dramatic, they may also be highly unsafe. For instance, a mask that does not allow proper ventilation could lead to carbon dioxide poisoning if the child is unable to breathe properly. Ultimately, this might make the child breathless and faint. Therefore, masks and veils need to be checked properly to ensure that they allow proper ventilation. Even the eye holes must be located in such a way that the child is able to see properly. Any strings and ribbons need to be out of harm’s way. Wigs and jewelry too must be safe and free of sharp edges.

If you shop for kids costumes with the above instructions in mind, your child can look very much the cool dude while being 100% safe.

write by Osmund

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