Choosing a Twin Comforter

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Most people that buy a twin comforter are buying kids bedding, but that is not always the case. Adults are not always part of a pair or for whatever reason they may choose to sleep separately. If you are looking for adults twin comforters, you can find more on them here. A twin comforter is used as the top layer on a twin bed. Usually you will make up a bed with a bottom sheet, a top sheet, at least one blanket and then a comforter. Just as there are different sizes for sheets and blankets, there are specific sizes for comforters also.

Twin beds are actually a term for… wait for it… a matching set of beds! These can be marketed to people who have two children sharing the same room and they would like the furniture to be matching. They can also be marketed to married couples that sleep in different beds and still want the furniture to match.

Also with twin beds, you can push them together to make a king bed, while still retaining the mattress firmness that each sleeper likes. You can then make these beds up separately with twin bedding, or you can make them up as one bed with king bedding. If you are using the twin bed for adults, either as a married couple or maybe you are using a twin bed in a guest room, you may want to make sure that you get the twin XL or twin extra long. It will add about 5 inches to the length of the bed and that can add a lot of comfort to the sleeper, especially if you have a footboard on the bed and the sleeper cannot just hang their feet over the end of the mattress.

When you are buying a twin comforter for the bed, if you have the xl, you will want to make sure that you get the twin comforter XL or you may find that the comforter you bought comes up a little short. You probably will not have to worry about this if you are buying for a child’s room.


write by Kerenza

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