Can Pacifiers Help Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?

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Recent studies over the past several years have shown that the use of pacifiers in infants (whether they be the Nuby baby pacifier brand or others), may actually help prevent sudden infant death syndrome. Although there have been numerous studies, no one has been able to determine exactly why the number of deaths have fallen since pacifier use has been recommended. There have been many smaller studies that have concluded that baby pacifiers do help and that even the circumstantial evidence is pointing to the fact that there have been less deaths reported from parents of babies who suck on pacifiers.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is one of the leading causes of deaths in infants. In fact, in the early 90s a campaign was started to get babies off their stomachs and sides and have them sleep on their backs. This alone seemed to cut the rate of yearly deaths in half from 5,000 cases a year to the present 2,500 cases of SIDS.

When determining the reasons for SIDS, the use of baby pacifiers was considered to try something new. Here is one quote out of many found that advocate the use of baby pacifiers, Nuby baby pacifiers or others.

“The studies have consistently shown that risk declines with pacifier use,” says SIDS researcher and panel member Rachel Moon, MD, who is pediatric medical director at Washington’s Children’s National Medical Center. “We don’t really know why. But the evidence was too compelling to ignore.”

The doctors worldwide are recommending that babies use pacifiers all the way through to age one. If you are breastfeeding your baby, you may want to wait a month before introducing the pacifier to make sure your baby is established in nursing. If you are not nursing, you will want to introduce your baby immediately to the use of a pacifier. One of the better brands that is baby friendly is the Nuby Baby pacifier.

How can a baby pacifier help in this case? They are designed with one air hole on each side which will help in the rare case that your baby will be able to shove the entire pacifier inside his or her mouth. Many of the designs for infants ages 0-6 months have handles on the pacifiers. These handles often times flip up under the baby’s nose and create an air pocket if the baby’s blanket is pulled over his or her head. Studies are saying that the sucking process alone is helping to prevent this horrible death.

There is no need to worry about your baby’s teeth developing at this point. They come in orthodontic styles as well if that is a concern but studies have shown that there is no detrimental effect from the use of pacifiers during the early years prior to the eruption of teeth. There have been studies that have shown that orthodontic pacifiers may actually help instead.

Even if there is no logical reason as to why the pacifier seems to prevent sudden infant death syndrome, isn’t it wise to not take the chance and just go ahead and use them? You will never want to have to ask “what if” if you don’t give them a try. Visit baby pacifier shop for more information.

As in all cases, you, as a parent or grandparent must take responsibility for overseeing your baby’s health and well being as well. For future reference, the address for the manufacturer of Nuby baby products as of this article is: Luv n’ Care2805 Saint Charles Ave Monroe, LA 71201 (318) 388-4916


write by Joshua Underwood

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