Being The Third Wheel On A Date

Being The Third Wheel On A Date

Being The Third Wheel On A Date

If you are a homely man or woman and you are left without any chance to make love to an attractive person there is hope for you. Find a kindly person that will not mind taking you along on their date. Some will even let you have a share in the hugs and kisses. A choice man or woman has many dates and few friends but if you become a loyal companion and are lonely, they will give you a piece of the action. There could be little opposition from the dated but if you’re attractive benefactor explains that you are love starved you will be accepted as an added lover.

I was a less then attractive guy and to put it bluntly I was just plain homely. To make matters even worse my job in the textile business paid very little. My social life was almost non- existent except when I got a date with losers that were on the verge of suicide. Many women who have not had a date in months because of their poor appearance feel that way. Things got so bad that I stopped dating and devoted myself to photography. My favorite subjects were bathing beauties and I visited many beaches. It was then that I ran into Johnny, he was a beach lover who shared my interests in women, but he would rather date them than snap their pictures. He carried a large leather bag strapped to his shoulder and it was filled with bottles of scotch and a variety of soft drinks. The leather bag was soon opened and Johnny and I were drinking scotch and soda. We spoke about lots of things including my bad luck with women. He told me that he worked as a longshoreman and had a lot of time off between arrivals of ships but he made a lot of money when they were in port. Most of his enjoyment came from dating beautiful women and he had plenty of them.

Johnny asked me to accompany him in his walks along the beach. He wanted me to observe how successful he was in picking up women. He also said that he would gladly share them with me. I was shocked at such a generous offer but quickly thanked him for his kindness. The first woman he approached was a beach beauty stretched out on a blanket. He falsely told her that it was my birthday and he would like to have a small party. She agreed and we were soon all drinking scotch and soda. A few hours later the party was transported to Johnnies home where the three of us celebrated my fictitious birth date. We did it in the best way imaginable. This story repeated itself many times over the years until Johnny died of liver cancer. While I was his sidekick I made love to over a hundred attractive women.

There are men gifted with such magnetism that they can get any woman into their arms in a matter of minutes. I have seen this demonstrated as a sidekick to Johnny. He never failed. Every woman he met agreed to have an affair with him; some said they didn’t want me being present. When Johnny angrily said he would not desert me for any woman they succumbed to their carnal desires. My experience as a sidekick can be a guide post to other less than attractive men. Instead of wasting time looking for a beautiful woman they should team up with an attractive guy that won’t mind having a lonely guy along to share his date.

Homely women that want to make love to an attractive guy should follow in my foot steps. A woman friend that is attractive might let you share her lovers. Her boy friends would rarely object and if they do they will quickly agree if she threatened them with a loveless evening. A homely lady friend of mine luckily has found two beautiful woman friends that let her share their lovers. She was once lonely and depressed until I inspired her to become a third wheel. None of the guys she meets as a sidekick ever wants to date her alone, but she is kept so busy making love to them that she can easily handle the rejection.

I have discovered that many attractive men and women search for a homely sidekick to escort them on their love adventures. The less than attractive lover is never seen as a threat. They just add to the experience and help make the love session different and stimulating. Once tried, it is found to be the best way to spend a romantic evening. The third wheel in a relationship also binds the players because it is memorable.

Ten percent of men make love to ninety percent of women. This leaves the ordinary man in a lonely position. He is forced to make all kinds of sacrifices if he wants to play the game. Most of the time his love life is on the rocks and he wishes he was one of the fortunate ten percent. But there is good news on the horizon. The concept of charity is being applied to the dating game and attractive men and women are donating their services. Compassionate and also attractive people are now considering it their duty to take along one or two sidekicks on dates. There is nothing lost and everything gained by this practice. Every lonely person would be thrilled to be invited as an extra.

There are men and women that demand that there be only two lovers in their relationship and will not share their affair with anyone. This attitude is very common among homely people who have had difficulty finding a lover. And if they finally meet someone they rarely will accept an added lover. Attractive people find it easy to meet lovers and are naturally more generous. My experience as a homely man has made me realize that it is a better choice being second best in a relationship than wishing for a first spot position that never comes.

The wealth of the world is distributed unfairly. Some people are more fortunate and get a bigger piece of the pie. But it is common among the rich to be charitable and they donate much of their wealth to the poor. It is the same story in the dating game where some have a bigger share of the harvest. Luckily for the homely that there are people like Johnny that are willing to share their good fortune with others. I am sure he is continuing his good work in heaven.

write by STEVE BROWN

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