50th Birthday - Fun Games For a 50th Birthday Party

50th Birthday – Fun Games For a 50th Birthday Party

50th Birthday - Fun Games For a 50th Birthday Party

So you are hosting a 50th birthday party for a group that likes to have fun, but can’t figure out what games to play. Here are some fun game ideas for a 50th birthday party.

Some of these games for a 50th birthday party will take preparation, but they will be worth the effort. Your guest of honor and other attendees of the party will be sure to have a great time and you will have created a memorable event.

World Events Game

Do some research and identify a dozen major events that happened during the guest of honor’s life. Find a picture on the Internet print it out with short description of the event. Give three options of dates when the event happened. One will be correct and the others not. Scatter these pictures around your party. Put them on the walls and tables. Give the guests a list where they have to go around and find the events and guess the correct dates. You can do movies, songs, disasters, deaths of celebrities, sports events…be creative.

Crazy Truth

Pass out sheets of paper and have the guests write down something wild or crazy that happened to them during their life-the funnier and crazier the better. Collect all the papers and have someone read them. Everyone will have a great time trying to guess who’s “Crazy Truth” goes with whom.

Guess the Price

This can be a fun game and it will really take your older guests back in time. The younger guests will get a kick out of it and be amazed. It will require a little research, but well worth the effort. Research and identify 10 or 15 items that were popular fifty years ago. It is especially fun if these items are no longer in existence or are obsolete. Find out how much the cost was for these products fifty years ago. Like a movie ticket 25 cents, or glass container of milk 30 cents, Typewriter $9.99, three bedroom house $7,999.00 . Have your guests guess what the costs were back then. Play it like the game show on TV and whoever comes closer is the winner. This is best done with teams.

It’s Your Life

This isn’t as much a game, but something really neat to do at a 50th birthday party. Send a request to the quests with the invitation. Ask them to write about something meaningful they are aware of that took place in the life of the birthday celebrant. Have them send it back to you along with the RSVP. You can read these at the party. Remind them that the idea is to celebrate the guest of honor not a “roast.”

The “Who Am I” Ice Breaker

This can be a fun ice breaker game for guests at a 50th birthday party to warm everyone up and get people talking with each other. In advance make out name tags of celebrities, super heroes, or mythical characters (whatever you want). As guests come in they are given a name tag. The catch is that they don’t get to see who they are. You place the name tag on their back. The object of the game is that they can ask questions of other guests to try and lean who they are. They can only ask yes or no questions. As soon as they guess correctly who they are the get to wear their name tag on the front of their philadelphia phillies t shirt or blouse.

write by Meliora

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